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Our activities...

1.       Operating a language and training school at Bhilwara, since inception, and contributing in welfare, awareness and education of society. 
2.       Educating preparing students towards management and technical courses, pursuing higher education.
3.       Since founding day, conducting seminars and workshops for awareness of education and career, at various schools and colleges in the region.
4.       Covering all government schools and colleges, (urban, semi urban and rural areas) delivering classes and motivating students to opt for the latest courses for career.
5.       Conducted seminar on ‘how to choose career’ for Bhilwara education department in the consecutive year of 2007, 2008 and 2009.
6.       Conducted workshops (2008) for Mahila urban Co-op Bank on “How to deal with customer”  and “How to enhance efficieny while working”.
7.       Conduct a workshop for Bankers club of Bhilwara (2010) on “Psychological aspects of personality, to judge your customer”.
8.       Conducted teachers training program for most of the schools in Bhilwara, in the year of 2009.
9.       Conducting session on Management and Communication at ICAI and ICSI Bhilwara branches, since 2004.
10.     Writing articles on personality development for education department, monthly magazine of schools and colleges.
11.     Active counselor for management and technical courses at “Akhil Bhartiya maheshwari Sabha” since 2006.
12.     Facilitating a lot speaker or recourses from the corners of country and making them to deliver lecture on various aspects, since inception.
13.     Different training capsules for professionals like CA’s, CS, MR’s, MBA’s and B.E.’s, to bring or enhance employability.
14.    Conducted a district level competition “BSC – Bhilwara Smart Champ-09” at Bhilwara, in the year of 2009. And it was very successful competitive exercise, different             and unique too.
15.     In the same fashion, in the year 2010, “USC – Udaipur Smart Champ-10” conducted at Udaipur. It was another district level competition exercise. It was appreciated              and very successful.
            Now VERDS is going to organise a planned and schedulded program, which is unique in nature, excellent in concept and wonderful in knowledge. It is “Edu-fest 2011. An event to bring students & parents and colleges & universities together, provide platform to have direct interaction, let a reclusive village student to know about the latest courses and opt as career. The main theme of the program is “Simplify Shiksha and Rojgaar.


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